Letter Re: Harvest Right Freeze Dryer


Hi, I purchased one of the Harvest Right units before your review and was impressed after looking over the machine. My first load was chicken, blueberries, muskmelon, and pineapple. WOW! It took a little longer, due to the moisture content of the berries, but everything turned out as the company said it would. Remember, one is none and two is one. Remember that in bad situation one will use more than 2000 cals due to stress, etc. Most of the units I have priced say they can supply those cals for 10k for one person. Oh, by the way, one can get more cals with beans and rice, so it lowers the cost, but when a person has an allergy to rice and beans one has to use other alternatives. I can’t keep enough epi for that type of allergy. Keep up the great work you do for the blog. – J.C.