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Letter Re: Getting A Real Education


No disputes on the article [1] from me. It points out that the “college education” and the attendant debt only assures more debt and dubious occupation opportunities. I made the error of having a career. When the economy went down the tubes and I was out of work, I did the degree thing. I was left with debt. Essentially no job opportunities were there. The economy was still failing. Because I had experience and an education, I was told I was “overqualified”. Say what? Reentry in the job market was at minimum wage, in a job normally filled by a high school graduate with no experience. I would have happily gone the self sufficiency route. It was not an option for my wife and me. I have, thankfully, been a prepper all my life. The skills and preps have always served me well.

For a really good example of the value of education, I recommend reading, “Last of the Mountain Men [2]“, by Harold Peterson. It is the story of Sylvan Hart. He graduated from college, as an engineer, during the Great Depression. There were no jobs and little opportunity. He went on to live a long and fulfilling life in the Idaho Rockies. His education was not wasted, nor did it get in the way of having a good life. – J.D.

HJL Replies: Having been on the inside of the education system, I am acutely aware of the brainwashing job the educational system has had on the general populace. It is common for a parent to believe that their child must have a college education in order to have any prospects at having a job. It has filtered through so thoroughly that even police and fire agencies often expect a 4-year degree to gain entrance to their base level programs. There are incredibly important jobs in society that don’t even need the equivalent of a high school diploma. They may not be glamorous, but they are necessary. As an example, why aren’t our high schools teaching the kids the basic skills necessary to run their own business? How much education do you need to be a septic pumper? Yet, this is a job that has an entry salary of almost $50,000/year in some areas.

Check out the video “The College Conspiracy [3]” at The National Inflation Association for an detailed analysis on how the system is rigged to make money for some while taking the majority for a ride. It’s an hour long in-depth expose’ of the college tuition and financial aid system but well worth the time spent to watch it. You will never look at colleges the same again.