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Letter Re: Preparedness For Teenagers


In response to the terminology used [1] in firearms, I would like to relate an interesting use of a politically correct term that is being used by the FBI. I attended a citizens academy sponsored by the FBI. The day came when the participants were taken to the range for a live “Fam Fire” or firearm familiarization. All of the participants were briefed on the different types of firearms used by the FBI to include Semi-auto pistols, shotguns, MP-5 sub machine gun sniper rifles, and the M-4. After a safety brief, and with the assistance of the firearms instructors, the participants were also offered the opportunity to shoot the weapons. An interesting fact is the FBI refers to the M-4 as a “Colt-patterned Carbine.” That sounds a lot more appealing than an assault rifle, doesn’t it? – C.D.