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Letter Re: Banksters



Just wanted to share with you the experience I just had with the Banksters a few minutes ago. I am currently living in a military town (after retiring from the military) but had to go to Virginia to handle some business for my elderly mother. I took her to the bank to cash a personal check for an account that we are both on. I was flabbergasted when told by the teller that the computer systems had been down all week, on and off, and at this time we could not get anything more than $100, unless someone knew my mother personally (which makes no sense since that still would not be verification of what’s in the account). The manager told me that even though they couldn’t verify she had $100 in her account either, their protocol was to allow people to take out $100.

I fortunately live only 200 miles away and have my credit card, but I only have a small amount of cash on me. This is criminal and the epitome of incompetence on the part of the banks. Needless to say I am closing her accounts. However, interestingly enough the banker matter-of-factly said, “You can close the account, but it’s like this in all banks since we all are on computer systems.”