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Odds ‘n Sods:

The protests in Kiev Ukraine escalated from throwing bricks to firearms. This is turning into a civil war. We now have an idea of what it may look like if it starts here (links to videos sent in by L.C.):

Ukraine: Flaming Molotovs flung at police with slingshot [1]

Ukraine: Clashes continue despite truce [2]

Ukraine: Police firing live ammo in Kiev clashes [3]

Kiev drone footage: Aerial view of burning Maidan amid Ukranian riots [4]

From bricks to bullets: Police footage shows Kiev rioters going ballistic [5]

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Drone war’s troubling contours: American lives are not more sacred than foreigners’ [6]. White House is considering drone strike to kill U.S. citizen. Should this elicit more concern than other targets? – G.P.

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Myths and Lessons of the Argentine \ [7] – Sent in by B.B.

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Memo explains why the U.S. can kill its own citizens without trial. [8]

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Surveillance on demand: White Plains ordinance requires shops to install cameras and give cops access to the videos upon demand [9]