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Economics and Investing:

Life imitates art: IMF chief: U.S. dance with the debt limit is ‘very, very concerning’ [1] [JWR’s Comment: Thankfully, she stopped short of saying: “default appears imminent.” Perhaps next week someone from the Deutsche Bundesbank will make some off the record remarks…]

G.G. flagged this: U.S. Adds Two Times More Debt than Economic Output in Last Two Years [2]

Shenandoah blog: Stasicare [3]. (Thanks to B.B. for the link.)

P.W. sent this from Zero Hedge: They’re Coming for Your Savings [4]

Also from P.W.: U.S. banks no longer too big to fail says Tucker [5]

From The Economatrix:

If We Are In An Economic Recovery, Why Are Major Corporations Firing Thousands? [6]

What China Really Thinks of the Shutdown [7]

More D-Word: Tough choices if US Defaults:  Debt ceiling crisis could leave millions in lurch [8]