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Jim’s Quote of the Day:

“In winter, lying in bed, I thought of one thing until my head hurt:  there, on the shelves in the shops, there had been canned fish.  Why hadn’t I bought it?  Why had I bought only eleven jars of cod-liver oil, and not gone to the chemist’s a fifth time to get another three?  Why hadn’t I bought a few vitamin C and glucose tablets?  These ‘whys’ were terribly tormenting.  I thought of every uneaten bowl of soup, every crust of bread thrown away, every potato peeling, with as much remorse and despair as if I’d been the murderer of my own children.  But all the same, we did as much as we could, and believed none of the reassuring announcements on the radio.” – Dmitri Likhachev, Reflections on the Russian Soul:  A Memoir (of the siege of Leningrad)