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Economics and Investing:

Ding, ding! It is noteworthy that Spot silver [1] spiked to $21 per Troy ounce at the opening of the NY Globex market at O-dark-hundred, GMT on Monday morning. Perhaps the summer doldrums will end early, this year.

G.G. suggested: Food-Stamp Use Rises; Some 15% Get Benefits [2]

Also from G.G.: Bank of Wausau, WI, Closed by Regulators – 18th Bank Failure of 2013 [3]

Peter Schiff – FED Will Continue To Ruin And Cause The US Economy To Collapse! [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Here’s The Real Unemployment Rate [5]

The American dream myth: Income mobility; 4 out of 5 Americans struggle with poverty, joblessness, or go on welfare at some point during their lives; and bottom 80 percent of Americans control 7 percent of total wealth [6]

The uneasiness of Quantitative Easing: How QE is ineffective with helping the broader economy in favor of boosting support for too big to fail banks [7]