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Letter Re: Advice on Shopping for CONEX Shipping Containers

I have read over every article with the term CONEX [1] in it on survivalblog.com and have determined that we need to find a CONEX container that we can pack stuff into, get moved to a new location and store things in.

How do you evaluate potential sellers of CONEX boxes?  I followed the links on this SurvivalBlog article [2],

…which led me to:

ContainerAuction.com [3]

…which led me to a container company in Kansas City, Missouri [4].

I have now found this site that sells containers closer to where I need one: ChuckHenry.com [5].

My question to you: How do I know if they are reputable, trustworthy and all the other things I should know about them?

Thanks for all your work and this site that is an education place for many of us.  You know, this site may be one of many blogs that really are a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC.)

Blessings, – H.A.

JWR Replies: You really need to ask around with former buyers, locally.  Most companies have a reference list that they can hand you. If not, then ask: “Who are some if your regular customers? Also do a BBB [6] check.

It is also very important to buy a CONEX built with Corten steel construction [7] for the longest life. (Corten steel is also known as “Weathering Steel.”)

Some dealers will let you “hand pick” from among several CONEXes.  If so, then carefully inspect the door hardware for good function and a tight seal, and also have someone shut you in for just a minute to check for light leaks–especially in the top.  Also look and sniff for signs that anything toxic might have spilled. Write down the marking numbers of the one you approve and insist that only that particular one be delivered.