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Mike Williamson’s Product Review: Numa Sport Glasses

Numa Sport Glasses [1] “Chuck” are glasses you can stomp on.

These must be named after Chuck Norris.  They are tough, and flexible enough I even bent them completely in two.  They resumed normal shape in a few moments.  I tried tugging and bending the bows in different directions, bending and straightening.  They sprung back.  I folded them in half at the bridge.  They sprung back again.  The strength and memory of these things is impressive. I tried sitting on them, stepping on them open and closed, putting boxes down on them.  They show no damage.

The Chucks took a few days to wear in.  They were tight and a bit itchy at first, but once worn in, they were comfortable, while being very snug and hard to dislodge.  I’ve had no need for a head strap.  The lenses changed easily—just pull the frame and pop the lens out, and the new one in.  The glasses came with clear, smoke and copper lenses in a nylon case.  Prescription lenses are available.

They filter well, and allow clear vision without glare.  They fit closely enough to avoid peripheral light, without obstructing vision or getting sweaty inside.  They’re a nice addition to the many flavors of ballistic UV glasses out there, and it’s worth trying a pair to see if they work for you, especially if you find yourself damaging glasses in use.

Speaking technically, they surpass ANSI z87, and are marked on the inside of each temple “z87”.  This means they meet the government rating for ballistic protection shown here [2]. They offer 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC.  They are anti-fog, have changeable lenses, and a scratch-resistant coating.  I haven’t managed to scratch them in my vehicle, while shooting or working, and I haven’t seen them fog in heat or cold.  I’m sure they have their limits, but all typical abuse just bounces off them.  I wore them as I would any other work/combat glass, and had no issues.  They’re in my van as my on-hand glasses for driving and working with tools.

Numa glasses come with a lifetime warranty against breakage.  I haven’t been able to take advantage of it because they haven’t broken, despite some hard use.

This combination retails at $99 MSRP, on par with other professional eyewear, and are cheaper in some outlets.
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