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Odds ‘n Sods:

Feinstein’s ‘assault weapon’ ban would be tantamount to confiscation [1]. (A hat tip to Jim W. for the link.) Here is a summary in Feinstein’s own words [2] about how she plans to “perfect” renewal of the 1994 to 2004 ban. The law would be worded so that you semi-auto rifles could not be passed on to your heirs. When you die, your guns would have to be turned in for destruction! Please contact your senators and congressmen and urge them to vigorously oppose any new restrictions on guns and full capacity magazines.

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Reader Vince W. alerted me to an anti-preparedness hatchet piece in the leftist The New Republic: From “Walking Dead” to “Doomsday Preppers,” What’s Behind TV’s Post-Apocalypse Fantasies? [3] It was authored by “James Berger”. (I suspect that this is a pen name for one of the magazine’s senior editors, since it is the first time his byline has appeared in the magazine.) This grossly irresponsible and intellectually vacant editorial attempts to smear those who prepare as psychos craving violence and somehow insufficiently represented by minorities. By extension, it tars us with the brush of xenophobic, antiemetic redneck bigots who can’t wait for the excuse to shoot neighbors with darker skin. The truth is that “James Berger” needn’t worry about his well-prepared neighbors. Rather, it is wholly un-provisioned neighbors who are suddenly ravenous and out of drugs that pose the more likely threat. When an actual disaster strikes, I have no doubt that Mr. Berger will come crying like a little girl to the doorstep of his prepper neighbors, seeking: A.) Sustenance (since he bought a BMW 7-Series F02 instead of storage food and a water filter) and B.) Protection from the predations of his neighbors (because he thought that guns were “evil” and he fell for the lie that self defense is encapsulated in dialing 911.)

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Fast and Furious and Profitable, Too! Pistol purchased by ATF agent found at alleged cartel crime scene in Mexico [4]

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Reader R.B.S. suggested this by Dr. Gary North: In Defense of the Second Amendment [5]

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The term “high capacity clip” presently being bandied about by the politicos and television talking heads aggravates me. The term is a specious political creation. The fact is that a 30 round magazine is standard capacity for an AR or an AK, and anything less than that is a reduced capacity magazine. It is fine to say “full capacity” or “standard capacity” but calling 30 rounds “high capacity” is nothing but demonization and political grandstanding. Get your terminology straight and don’t fall for semantics traps!

Oh, and FYI, at present, here are the bans in effect at the state level (some with grandfather clauses–be sure to research your state and local laws):

States prohibiting magazines over 10 rounds: California, Hawaii*, Massachusetts, and New York. (The latter only if a magazine is post-9/1994 production)
States prohibiting magazines over 12 rounds: Washington, DC
States prohibiting magazines over 15 rounds: New Jersey
States prohibiting magazines over 20 rounds: Maryland
States prohibiting magazines over 31 rounds: Ohio

* The Hawaii Rifle Association web site notes: “Hawaii state law prohibits greater than 10 round detachable pistol magazines (including rifle magazines capable of use in any pistol, such as the AR-15/M16, M1 Carbine, H&K carbine, Thompson, AKs, and aftermarket Ruger .22 magazines) unless blocked to hold 10 rounds or less and “not readily restorable”. Possession of illegal magazines [by themselves] is a misdemeanor, and possession of a handgun with even an empty one inserted is a Class C felony. “