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Does anyone really believe this Pollyanna pie-in-the-sky nonsense now coming from the mainstream media? With QE3, We All Win — Poor and Rich Alike [1]. What balderdash! Let’s face facts, folks: The Federal Reserve has backed itself into a corner. They can’t do anything that will trigger higher interest rates. So the only arrow left in their quiver is monetization (“quantitative easing” is the gentler, sugar-coated name.) Their brilliant plan is to re-inflate the housing bubble by buying up $40 billion per month, indefinitely, in mortgage derivatives [2] using make-believe money. This pure fiat “money” is coming from their Sunshine Pump. I can only ask: How long can that continue? And how long will it be until our foreign creditors demand a higher rate of return to roll over their Treasury paper? Once interest rates rise, the party will be over. We will see a credit collapse and then a collapse of the US Dollar.

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