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Notes from JWR:

For a new hardback edition, I’ve been asked by Ulysses Press to create a new Revised Edition of my novel Patriots [1]. This new edition should be published in October, 2012. Eventually there will be three hard copy formats: a hardback book, a trade paperback, and a mass market paperback. This new edition is the opportunity for me to correct some anachronistic errors that have developed over the 21 year life of the novel. (I wrote the first draft in the winter of 1990-1991.) For example, I’ve changed Doug Carlton’s father from a Vietnam veteran to a Desert Storm veteran. And I’ve upgraded Todd Gray’s PC to a terabyte hard drive and a DSL modem. (References to dial-up modems now seem very dated.) By the way, if you’ve noticed factual errors, temporal glitches, typos, or other editorial lapses in the current paperback edition of Patriots, then please send me a list via e-mail [2]. Thanks!

Today we remember the birthday of author Reginald Bretnor. He was born Alfred Reginald Kahn on July 30, 1911, in Vladivostok. He died on July 22, 1992 in Medford, Oregon. In addition to writing many witty science fiction novels and short stories in his characteristic style, he also penned nonfiction articles for Mel Tappan’s P.S. Letter [3].