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Economics and Investing:

QE is Coming! Bleak jobs outlook raises heat on Fed: Chief of San Francisco reserve sees benefit of open-ended QE [1]. Inevitably, monetization leads to inflation.

Ken W. sent: Analysis: Shoppers may be spared worst of corn price surge [2]. Ken’s Comment: “I ain’t believing it!!!…”

Over at Dr. Housing Bubble they spell out the impact of $1 trillion in student debt: Mortgaging your way to a college education – the burden of student debt and the impact on the starter home market. [3]

LIBOR suit threat from small banks [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Ron Paul Interview With Gold Seek Radio [5]

What’s So Bad About Deflation? [6]

Microsoft Reports First Quarterly Loss EVER In Company’s 26-Year History [7]

EUR-USD Free Falling [8]