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Economics and Investing:

Six charts that show the Welfare State run amok [1]. (Thanks to SurvivalBlog’s Poet Laureate G.G. for the link.)

Doug C. sent this: Is Bankruptcy Coming to a City Near You? [2]

The looming student loan bubble – Almost half of all student borrowers were not making payments. 1 out of 4 in debt repayment past due on student debt. [3]

G.G. sent this: Gold for Oil: Turkey has exchanged nearly 60 tons of gold for several million tons of Iranian crude oil, despite its promises to uphold Western sanctions on Iran’s energy sector [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Inflate Or Die [5]

Four Reasons To Be Even Less Optimistic About The Global Financial System Than You Were Last Month [6]

Consumers Gloomier On Jobs, Finances [7]

Buffet:  US Economy Growth Slowing, Europe Slipping “Pretty Fast” [8]