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Economics and Investing:

Bill Whittle discusses entitlements, the debt, and the inevitability of credit downgrades, higher interest rates, and hyperinflation: I’m Talking To You [1]

James K. highlighted this news item in McNewspaper: Worst-case scenario is ugly if Greece leaves the Euro [2]

Reader Sue C. sent us this: Countries across world gird for Greece turmoil [3]

G.G. recommended this article in Der Spiegel: Desperate Greeks Withdraw Money from Accounts [4]

Strong ties between JPMorgan, Senate Banking Committee [5]. JWR’s Comment: The Senate committee members must be “…shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on…” [6] at JPMorgan.

Diana V. flagged this: Hong Kong Exchange to Buy London Metal Exchange for $2.1 Billion [7]

Items from The Economatrix:

A Global Recession?  Warning Signs Everywhere [8]

Foreclosure Activity Jumps in Troubling Sign of For Housing Recovery [9]

Nervous Greek Voters Brace for Drachmageddon [10]

Those Who See Will Survive The Coming Monetary System Collapse [11]