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Economics and Investing:

More Quantitative Easing monetization, in England: BoE Injects $79.3 Billion More to Support Recovery [1]

Yes, debasement is coming for nickels: U.S. Mint exploring alternative metal options [2]. Stockpile some nickels [3] at face value now, before the composition change! (If you wait, then you will have to laboriously sort coins.)

An eye-opening YouTube video on the housing crash: Folsom California On The Brink [4]

Jim Rickards: “Chaos” To Dollar Endgame “Most Likely” [5]

Items from The Economatrix:

Greek Talks Falter / Sprott Offering Memorandum / Jobs Report Analysis [6]

Bernanke:  Job Market Remains Weak Despite Gains [7]

Consumer Borrowing Rose $19.3 Billion in December [8]

Dow Approaches 13,000, and Maybe a Record to Come [9]