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Economics and Investing:

Diana W. sent this: Cost to Make Penny and Nickel Rises, Annual Loss Reaches $116.7 Million [1]. [JWR’s Comment: Presently, the U.S. Treasury is in effect giving you some of your taxes back, by minting nickels at a loss. Stock up ASAP [2], before this window of opportunity closes! (Debased steel nickels are coming soon!)]

Mike T. suggested this: Bill Gross Warns Of Financial Market Implosion And The End Of Economic Life As We Know It [3]

Bailout concerns mounting for Federal Housing Agency [4]

F.G. mentioned some interesting background: Cracking The Credit Card Code [5]

Items from The Economatrix:

10 Predictions for Work and Economics in 2012 [6]

Signs Point to Tepid Consumer Spending for 2012 [7]

Economists Seek Bleak Year Ahead [8]

Jim Sinclair: The Gold Panic and What to Expect in 2012 [9]