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Economics and Investing:

AmEx sent this: Gold and bonds are all that’s left [1]

K.A.F. flagged this: Fed’s Plosser: Additional Stimulus Unnecessary [2]

Jeff H. suggested a piece over at the excellent SHTFPlan blog: Fake Silver and Gold Flood Global Markets; 100,000 Coins From A Single Counterfeiter! [3]

Damon S. mentioned this piece at the oft-cited Seeking Alpha blog: Prepare For Europe Collapse Before New Year [4]

Regulators on Friday closed a bank Georgia, bringing to 88 the number of bank failures in the U.S. this year [5]. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

65% Chance of Banking Crisis By End of November [6]

How Argentina Survived its Default [7]

Unemployment Aid Hits Seven-Month Low, Trade Gap Falls [8]