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Letter Re: Indeed, Inflation is With Us

Mr. Rawles:
When making a quick run to the grocery store to take advantage of some sales, I was amazed at the rise in some of the prices.  The same can of salmon that I purchased for $1.00 in preparation for Y2K [1] was on sale for $2.69 – a “savings” of 90 cents from the normal retail price.  The same bag of sugar that I purchased for about $1.29-1.59 was $4.69.  So, I went out on the Internet to see what has gone on.  Here are several charts I found on MongaBay.com that show the alarming rises in the price of staple foods and commodities:

Prepping is just not about saving your life.  Preparation for Y2K has saved us a huge amount of money over the last ten years.  [When ” a loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay” (Revelation 6.6), those who are prepared will fare much better.

Blessings on your house from ours, – Gracie