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Economics and Investing:

File under No Great Surprise Department: China May Stop Buying Treasurys as Growth Slows: Roach [1]

Reader Chris D. suggested: Honest Work for Honest Silver Pay [2]

U.S. closes 3 more banks, 68 so far in 2011 [3]. (One with 1.7 billion in deposits!)

Investors: Threat of Stagflation Looms as Prices Rise Despite Bad Economy [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Moody’s Lowers US Economic Outlook Through 2012 [5]

Analyst:  “Not To Own Gold Is To Trust Governments” [6]

Economists See Growing Risk Of Global Recession [7]

Here We Go Again:  Another Big Down Day For Dow [8]

Gold Hits Latest Record High, Near $1,830 [9]

Behind The Selloff:  Stocks Pricing “Worst Case Scenario” [10]