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Economics and Investing:

The shorts must be screaming, about now: Gold shoots past record $1,800 an ounce [1]. When I last checked, the silver-to-gold ratio was at 45.4-to-1. Again, if you have the vault space, this is a great time to ratio trade out of your 1 ounce gold coins, and into silver bullion coins. (Such as pre-1965 American “junk” silver.)

Michael W. sent this: A National Debt of $14 Trillion? Try $211 Trillion [2]

More of The Mother of All Bailouts (MOAB [3])?: Government considers turning foreclosures into rentals [4]

G.G. sent this: Ron Paul: “Gold Is Not A Bubble” [5]

From K.A.F.: Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest [6]

K.A.F. also pointed me to this blog post from a distaff blogger in Eastern Washington: It happened to us, our bank was just “closed” by the FDIC. Shades of the depression [7]

Items from The Economatrix:

Plunge On Wall Street Threatens to Spook Consumers [8]

Fed May React to Market Plunge and Stalled Economy [9]. (Can you smell a whiff of MOAB [3], on the breeze?)

Oil Tumbles Below $80 Amid US Recession Fears [10]

US Stocks Rise Slightly After Big Fall [11]

Gold Prices Keep Pushing Higher, Hit New Record [12]

Debt Deal Not Downgrade Is Cause Of Crash [13]