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Letter Re: Ohio’s 31+ Round Magazine Ban Insanity

Hi Jim,
I was just re-reading your tangibles investing article [1] linked in today’s blog. 

Please let your readers know that even though preemption is the rule for the Ohio cities that had previously banned standard capacity magazines; Ohio has a very unusual state [felony] law:

Any magazine 31 rounds and larger is classified as a “automatic firearm”. This may sound crazy but it is true.  So don’t add 40 or 50 round magazines or 100 round drums to your gun collection in Ohio.

Under Title 29 of the Ohio Code: [2] “(E) “Automatic firearm” means any firearm designed or specially adapted to fire a succession of cartridges with a single function of the trigger. “Automatic firearm” also means any semi-automatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than thirty-one cartridges without reloading, other than a firearm chambering only .22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges.” – G.W. in Ohio