Notes from JWR:

Starting Sunday June 5th, the new Radio Free Redoubt podcast will begin airing weekly. Please note that this is not my own podcast (so the views expressed do not necessarily reflect my own), but the folks who produce it seem sincere and level-headed. The podcast should provide a great forum for exchanging ideas–both for folks who already live in the American Redoubt, and for those that plan to relocate there.

Between now and mid-July, I’m wrapping up the writing of the second sequel to my novel “Patriots“. The already-completed first sequel (“Survivors”) is scheduled for release in October of 2011, and the second sequel (working title: “Citizens”) is scheduled for release in October of 2012.

My follow-on project will be a weighty tome on firearms and other tools for survival. That should be published, Deo Volente, in 2013. So for the next 18 months, a greater portion of my writing in SurvivalBlog will be about tools and firearms. Today’s first article is an example.