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Economics and Investing:

A foretaste of life in the U.S. in the near future?: Belarus devaluation spreads panic [1]. On the same topic, Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge posted some commentary and a scary “hockey stick” currency chart: Welcome To Hyperinflation Hell: Following Currency Devaluation, Belarus Economy Implodes, Sets Blueprint For Developed World Future [2]

J.B.G. sent this: Greece risks ‘return to drachma’ [3]

World Bank Predicts the Demise of the US Dollar by 2025 [4]


Items from The Economatrix:

Stocks Likely To Face Bumpy Ride Into Summer [5]

Gas Prices Dampen Memorial Day Vacations [6]

States Shorten Duration For Unemployment Benefits [7]

What Is Behind Europe’s Stock Market Selloff? [8]

A Look At The Recent Rout In Silver And Oil Prices And What It Means To Commodities Prices [9]