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Economics and Investing:

John Rubino: Commercial Real Estate on Borrowed Time? [1]

John R. suggested this piece by Bob Chapman: The Road of Inflation Will Only End in Tears [2]

G.G. flagged this: Moody’s Warns Britain Over Triple-A Credit Rating [3]

Also from G.G.: Unsustainable budget threatens nation [4].

Items from The Economatrix:

$105 Oil:  It’s The Perfect Storm [5]

Central Banks Shedding Dollars, Buying Gold [6]  

Silver Surges Over $37.25 on Way to Record $50, Gold to $5,000 in 3 To 4 Years? [7]

Sprott Putting Clients in Gold and Silver Ahead of Prolonged Global Uncertainty [8]  

Gold Rises To Record; Copper Rallies Metals Stocks [9] “Instead of looking for a reason to buy gold, no one can find a reason not to buy gold….”