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Economics and Investing:

Reader L.I.Z. sent this: Using new metals in U.S. coins could impact counterfeiting, public safety and a lot more [1]. Collect you cache of nickels now, before their minting composition is debased.

Meanwhile in commodity news: Are High Nickel Prices Here to Stay? [2]

KAF forwarded this: U.S. sets $223 Billion Monthly Deficit Record [3]

John R. recommended this piece by Bob Chapman: The Fed Distorts The Economy With Inflation [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Burst of Hiring Could Mark Turning Point for Jobs [5]  

Factory Orders Up in January, Helped by Airplanes [6]  

Food and Fuel Bills to Rocket, Warn Ministers and UN Report [7]

February Jobs Report:  Unemployment Falls Again [8]