Letter Re: DIY Food Storage Packing

I am an avid reader of your blog. This particular article touched a chord and I’d like to suggest one place for a great many staples this person will need to store.

I am a Mormon.  The LDS bishop’s storehouse is available to me – however, this same resource is also available to non-members.  I have regularly taken my close non-Mormon friends to the local storehouse in the Sacramento, California region.  The prices I think are on-par with Sam’s Club and they have things that Sam’s Club simply won’t carry. (Wheat is one of those).  Here is a link to the order form and you can find your local store house location from this same site. 

I found that initially during my preparedness days (2004-to-2007) that it was cheaper to purchase rice at Sam’s, but better to purchase the beans (several varieties) from the store house.  All the items at the storehouse are in the 25 lb. bags. If you want the smaller sizes you will have to buy the 25 lb. bag and break that up into smaller containers.  You can purchase and can food items at most of the store houses.  No one will break up the large bags into #10 cans or Mylar pouches, you should make an appointment ahead of time if you plan to do this.  Also it is helpful to call ahead to make sure they have an item in stock.  If you are planning to purchase an entire year’s worth of supplies up front you must order (and pay) in advance.

There will no one there to convert you or talk to you about the LDS faith.  The goal of the storehouse is to distribute food/supplies to members in need of assistance and help you purchase and store up enough food to feed your family and provide charity to your neighbors. Thanks, – Mike

JWR Replies: It is best to compare prices before buying anywhere. I agree that the Bishop’s Storehouse dry canning plants are a great option. In the Rawles Gets Your Ready Family Preparedness Course I describe in detail how to buy foods in bulk–for example from “Big Box” stores like Costco and Sam’s Club stores, and then re-pack them yourself.