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Economics and Investing:

From The Daily Bell in Switzerland: The West’s Pending Paper Money Implosion [1]

M.B. sent this: Here Are The Next Countries to Announce a Currency Intervention [2]

Also from M.B.: The Real Underemployment Figure is 22.5% [3]

Why California is About to Fall Off Into an Ocean of Unpayable Debt

Items from The Economatrix:

Martin Weiss: G-20 Heads Up: Losing Battle To Stem Currency Wars [4]

Tab For Fannie, Freddie Could Soar to $259 Billion [5]

Jobless Claims Fall to 452,000, But Remain Elevated [6]

Mortgage Rates Rise to 4.21% From Decades Low [7]

Natural Gas Prices Tumble as Supplies Grow [8]

America’s Bright Future After US Treasury Debt Default [9]

MortgageGate Could Crush The U.S. Banking System [10]

China’s Interest Rate Rise Sends Global Markets Into Turmoil [11]

Close To The Edge [12] (The Mogambo Guru)

The Incorrigibles [13]