Letter Re: Low Cost Merino Wool Clothing

Dear SurvivalBlog Readers:
I would suggest as an alternative to buying wool clothing is to shop the fabric stores for Wool Fabric and practice your sewing skills. I have found 100% wool on clearance for as cheap as $1.99/yard with the average width of 54 inches In Shopping for wool fabrics, you will find a lot of blends. I recommend not purchasing anything with more than 30% mix of synthetic material (example: 70% wool/ 30% nylon). I also find that blends with natural materials to be completely acceptable (example: 50% wool/50% silk). As a note: synthetic materials and fire do not mix! Synthetics melt and burn quickly because most are made from oil byproducts.

Also, do not be put off by color! Wool takes dye beautifully. So if you find an ugly turquoise or pink 100% wool fabric this can easily be dyed a darker color although I suggest staying close to the same color family. If you are dyeing the fabric dark brown or black then color does not matter. If you want to go an extra step, Dharma Trading makes a dye remover that does not hurt the fabric like bleach would. Once the color is removed, the fabric could be dyed whatever color you need.

Some favorite online shopping sites for wool are Fabric.com and FashionFabricsClub.com (shop the clearance sections for the best deals)

I make my own patterns for pants, pullovers, jackets and shirts but if you need a starting place, wait till Hancock Fabrics has their patterns on clearance for 99 cents per pattern.

Hope this helps. – Miss Liberty