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Economics and Investing:

I spotted this linked over at The Drudge Report: Dow Faces Bouncy Ride to 5,000: Strategist [1]

The trillion dollar bailout you didn’t hear about – Commercial real estate values plummet again yet banks hide losses [2]. (Thanks to B.B. for the link.)

J&M suggested a piece by Rick Ackerman: Few May Imagine What is Coming [3]

Erik M. flagged this: Global outlook casts shadow over Fed retreat [4]. Erik’s comment: “Sounds eerily familiar to parts of Chapter One of a book I’ve read a couple of times.”

Items from The Economatrix:

Stocks Slip as Caution About Economy Returns [5]

Scarcity of Jobs Put More at Risk of Foreclosure [6]

Natural Gas Prices Slump to 2010 Low [7]

US Mortgage Rates Hit Low of 4.36% [8]

Market Indicators Point to New Danger