Economics and Investing:

Marc Faber recommends: invest in a farm surrounded by barbed wire and guarded by Dobermans. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

I spotted this over at NewsMax: Gingrich: Obama Repeating Mistakes From the Great Depression.

K.A.F. flagged this: What to Expect if Bush Tax Cuts Expire. The congresscritters in Washington are so desperate for revenue that they will likely reanimate both the higher income taxes and capital gains taxes. I predict that this will shut down the economy. Some optimists will call it a “double dip” recession. I ‘ll describe it more accurately: stepping off a cliff, a la Wile E. Coyote.

Jim H. suggested this article: Ireland: selling the family silver; Ireland prepares for a fire sale of national assets to pay debts.

The Daily Bell interviews Dr. Walter E. Williams: The Tyranny of the Majority, the US Federal Budget and Free-Market Thinking.

G.G. sent this: Bank Failures on Two Coasts Stretch Toll for Year to 108.