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Letter Re: Surviving a Nuclear Bomb

Mr. Editor:
Might I humbly suggest a couple additions for Eric? First, a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills [1]. Second, build a couple Kearney Fallout Meters (KFMs) as instructed in Nuclear War Survival Skills. These meters are not that difficult to build, but do take some time to build if you do so carefully. Two pound ice fishing line for the suspension threads work very well. A charged KFM with Stren-type monofilament line still had noticeable leaf separation three days after charging this last winter using drywall core as drying agent. A KFM would allow a person to survey the unsheltered surroundings to determine with certainty when leaving (and for how long) is safe. Nuclear War Survival Skills seems to be the best of the choices for information dealing with a nuclear attack situation.

Hopefully, someone will be able to toss out the KFMs I have built after I die of old age; all of them unused. – Dave W.