Letter Re: Scam Alert on an Heirloom Seeds Dealer

Hello Mr. Rawles:

Back in February we ordered a batch of 100 vegetable seed packs from Vegetableseed.net. To date we’ve not received them and the company steadfastly refuse to respond to e-mails, either to their direct e-mail address or via their payment people, Digital River.

Now they may just be incredibly busy but we’re beginning to think we’ve been scammed out of our £42.09.

We’d hate to see any other SurvivalBloggers getting stiffed Very best wishes to you all. – Michael

JWR Replies: Thanks for your warning. There are indeed a lot of fly-by-night mail order companies. But at least I can vouch for the companies that advertise on SurvivalBlog. They are reputable and can be trusted with your business. If you plan to do business with any other firms, check on their reputations first!