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Letter Re: How I Made My iPhone a Useful Survival Reference

Mr. Rawles:
I loved the letter on the iphone. In addition to what LC listed there are also ballistics calculators for the math-challenged like me. (iStrelok [1] is free and works pretty well). One caveat to consider with the mighty smart phone is the fact that it could potentially be used to locate your location and perhaps even as a bug to listen in on conversations. One work-around is to buy an iPod Touch [2]. You loose the phone and GPS features, but you can still carry God’s word and all your multimedia in your pocket!

Thanks again for all you do and God bless, – Red in Oklahoma

JWR Adds: For more detailed ballistics calculations, one of my favorite web sites is JBMBallistics.com [3]. I like their ballistics calculators so much that I included a mention of the site by name in my upcoming sequel to “Patriots” [4] . (Scheduled for release in early 2011.) I recommend developing bullet drop and wind drift tables for the standard loads for each of your centerfire rifles. Print them out on card stock, laminate them to make them weatherproof, and either tape them to your rifle’s buttstock, or carry them in each of your buttstock-mounted ammo/utility pouches [5].