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Economics and Investing:

Morrie recommended a web page that he found by way of Dan Denninger’s site: Move Your Money [1].

SJR spotted this: Government moves closer on fresh aid to GMAC [2]

El Jefe Jeff E. sent this: Economists React: Prices Have Further to Fall [3].

Also from Jeff come this in The Wall Street Journal: State, Local Tax Revenues Decline 7% [4]

Items from The Economatrix:

Government Gives GMAC $3.8 Billion in New Aid, Boosts Stake [5]

Chinese Firm Says it Won’t Pay Goldman on Derivatives Losses
Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against It, and Won

World Stock Market Rally Seizes Up [7]

Consumer Confidence Up, House Prices Stall [8]

The Day The Dollar Died (Part 10): The Dented Crown and Worthless Pound [9]

Gold Rush Grips China as People on Buying Spree [10]

Zero Corner, Debt Costs and Isolation

29 Foreigners Send a Message: Your Debt Instruments Suck! [11]