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Economics and Investing:

Regular content contributor GG mentioned this in The Wall Street Journal: Are Your U.S. Treasury Bonds Safe? [1] The price of credit default swaps jumped by more than 50% in the private market in recent months.

Frank S. sent this Friday Follies Update: Three bank failures take year’s tally to 133 [2]

“3Can” mentioned that the IBD had a good discussion of gold related to purchases by central banks [3].

Items from The Economatrix:

Freightliner Moving Truck Production to Mexico, Raising Fears of More Layoffs

Australian Lawmaker Warns US Could Default on its Debt Triggering an “Economic Armageddon”

Timebomb for the Euro: Greek Debt Poses a Danger to Common Currency [4]. (The EU’s economic and currency problem almost always start on it periphery.)

Obama Blasts Banks for Opposing Financial Overhaul [5]