Three Letters Re: Best Military Manuals with Field Fortification Designs?

Dear James,
In response to the person who asked about military manuals, most (at least US Army) are available online for free, from the following sources:

The site has lots of military and world sitrep information updated constantly.

The Federation of American Scientists has tons of military hardware systems information. The pictures are useful for recognizing and there is data on each system’s performance, purpose and use.

Also, the US Army maintains the General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at Fort Eustis, Virginia. It used to be mostly open access, but I believe it’s changed to a more restrictive system. It’s worth a look. FM 5-103 Survivability is great reading, very informative. One of my favorites! – R. in NH <><

The link which an earlier reader posted to Steve’s Pages has an excellent copy of FM 3-105 Survivability. This copy has high resolution graphics which are readable, unlike many versions online.

The PDF of the Joint Forward Operations Base Force Protection Handbook and has more modern (Operation Enduring Freedom) knowledge on force protection. Kind Regards, – Craig

Dear Jim,
SurvivalBlog readers can find fairly new versions of all the field manuals you mentioned – FM 7-8, FM 5-15, and especially, FM 5-103 – online at It is free to register there and you can download these manuals in either text or PDF formats.

The March 2007 version of FM 7-8, Infantry Platoon and Squad, is also numbered as FM 3-21.8. I just downloaded it all 602 pages of it as a PDF. If you only have dial-up, you may want to look for a printed copy as it is a 54 MB file. Thanks for all you do. – John in Waynesville, North Carolina