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Odds ‘n Sods:

Honoré scolds Louisiana on storms [1]. A quote (paraphrased): “Every one dollar you spend on preparedness, saves you nine dollars during the crisis”. Don’t miss the wisdom included in the last few lines of the article. (Thanks to Jason A for the link.)

KT spotted this: Laos Government Continues to Hunt Former CIA Secret Army [2]. JWR’s comment: Unless they’ve been covertly re-supplied (which I doubt), the fact that they are still mainly using US-made weapons is indicative that they have been fighting defensively in a conservative fashion, rather than offensively. Otherwise, they would have been out of .30 Carbine. 5.56 mm and 40mm ammunition long ago, and would have transitioned to mostly battlefield pickup weapons (Kalsashnikovs).

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New Clue Found to Disappearing Honey Bees [3] (thanks to KAF, who was the first of several readers to send us the link.)

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[Democrat North Carolina State] Senator Soles shoots, injures man during home invasion [4]. Oh, but wait a minute! Grass Roots North Carolina gave him just st a one star rating on gun rights [5]. Do I detect a whiff of hypocrisy? (Much like Jeff’s aforementioned Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition [6].) Perhaps its just peasants like us that he wants to disarm–not “special” people like himself.