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Economics and Investing:

Greg C. flagged this: Retail sales dip unexpectedly, jobless claims rise [1]. Greg’s comment: It is amazing how they still keep trying to spin this [continuing decline] as a “recovery.”

Bobbi-Sue sent this Der Spiegel piece: Global Banking Economist Warned of Coming Crisis [2].

Thanks to Heather for sending this: US sugar supplies ‘running out’ [3] US food manufacturers call for an easing of sugar import limits, saying they fear the country may run out of supplies.

Items from The Economatrix:

The Problem with Sticking it to Your Creditors [4]

Panel Warns Smaller Banks Face Whole-Loans Threat [5]

“We” Broke The Bank [6]

Bleak Sales are Another Reality Check for Economy
Climate Bill Could Cost Two Million Jobs [8]

Jim Willie warns: Pressure (Countdown) to Breakdown [9] [JWR Notes: Some of what Willie posits are unsubstantiated rumors, so digest it accordingly.]

California to Stop Issuing IOUs [10]

Fed Reverses Plan to Buy US Debt [11] [JWR adds: Monetization must be done more stealthily, to prevent an uproar.]