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Economics and Investing:

From frequent content contributor GG: Commodities market is the place to be, says Jim Rogers [1]. Rogers describes Ben Bernanke: “He’s an idiot.”

Reader HPD mentioned this piece by Robert P. Murphy: Mish Should Ditch His Deflation Fears [2]

Who’s getting hit most by layoffs? [3]

LA mayor: City will pay costs from Jackson event [4]. How can Los Angeles justify this expense, given their fiscal situation?

Struggling Landlords Leaving Repairs Undone [5]

GG sent this: Federal tax receipts down 31% in Second Quarter [6]

Items from The Economatrix:

Brand Name Companies Go Bankrupt [7]

Obama Says Unemployment Will Increase for Months
How jobless numbers will respond is “not yet clear”

Some Economists Warn Obama’s Too Optimistic on Economy [8]

Still Traveling for Business But Carefully [9]

FBI: Bank Robber Cites Economy in Holdup [10]

Strong Results at Intel Pull Stocks Sharply Higher

Despair Flows as Fields Go Dry and Unemployment Rises [11] The San Joaquin Valley is America’s fruit and vegetable basket.

Jobless Benefits Run Out in Record Numbers

Washington’s Dilemma: This Isn’t a Recession, it’s a Collapse [12]

California Nightmare [13] (The Mogambo Guru)