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Odds ‘n Sods:

KAF recommended an interesting map that illustrates the ratio of Federal land to private land in the U.S. [1]. (Click on it for a larger view.) BTW, I predict that some extensive tracts of Federal lands will be sold in the next 20 years

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The episode lineup for Michael Bane’s new Best Defense: Survival television series [2] has been posted over at the DownRangeTV Blog. It looks like there will be 10 great episodes!

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America is Vulnerable to an EMP Attack [3]. But for the sake of balance, I should mention that the ARRL claims that the EMP threat is over-rated [4]. “The real hazard is to radios connected to long exposed unprotected conductors, i.e. mains power or HF antennas. In the tests, tube type HF rigs sustained damage to the front end coil assemblies. Battery powered VHF solid state radios sustained no damage… And no disconnected radio suffered any damage.” (Thanks to Michael G. for he link.)