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Mexican Flu Update:

Top Flu Expert Warns of a Swine-Bird Flu Mix [1]

12 More Swine Flu Cases Confirmed in Massachusetts [2]

First Flu Death in Canada; US Cases Rise [3]

Mexico Deaths; Cases Higher than Reported [4]

Swine Flu May Be More Infectious than Thought [5]

Swine Flu Moments and Decisions Lie Ahead [6]

WHO Reports Big Jump in Worldwide Swine Flu Cases [7] 3,440 Cases, 29 Countries, 48 Deaths

Japan, Oz Confirm First Cases of Swine Flu

Swine Flu Lacks 1918 Killer Traits (So Far) [9]

US, Costa Rica Flu Deaths
Mexico has suspected upswing in cases, delaying school reopening in six states

Number of American Flu Cases Overtake Mexico’s; Now Almost 3,000 [10]