Economics and Investing:

Matt B. suggested this video clip of Argentinean economist Adrian Salbuchi: Global Financial Collapse

Greg C. sent this item from McPaper: Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing

D.G. suggested this from Eric Margolis at The Toronto Sun: Wall Street Ticks Off the World

From G.G.: A Night with the Bears: Meredith Whitney, Nouriel Roubini, Ian Gordon and Eric Sprott put on quite a show this evening in Toronto.

Items from The Economatrix:

Derivatives, the New Ticking Time Bomb

Politicized Accounting: No End to the Scams

Soros: “Zombie” Banks Could Suck Lifeblood Out of Economy

The Question that Flummoxed The Great Orator

Wholesale Inventories Drop to Lowest in 17 Years Note that it is not that sales are up so much, but that inventories are down: “Wholesalers cut their inventories in February by the steepest amount in more than 17 years, while sales rose for the first time since the summer, encouraging signs that companies may be getting their inventories under control.”

Derivatives Trading Crackdown Begins

Japan’s Goods and Services Fall By Half

Soros Warns Shares Will Fall Further

Gold Sold for Scrap Outstrips New Purchases

Is Silver the New Gold?

Irish Hike Tax and Cut Spending

World Bank Sees China Recovery from Recession this Year (Hmmmm… Do they also see World Peace and personal jet cars in the near future?)

GM Close to Bankruptcy

UK Store Food Prices Soar

Americans Feel 15.6% Unemployment as Underemployment Surges

Consumers Fall Behind on Loans at Record Rate

Credit Card Companies Shut Down 8 Million Credit Card Accounts in February

Stress Takes its Tolls on Banks

The IMF Rules the World