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Letter: Re: Storing Emergency Supplies in Plastic Tote Bins for Rapid Evacuation

Dear Mr. Rawles,
R.D. of Wyoming mentioned a very practical way of storing supplies – in 22 gallon plastic tote bins, each with a good variety of items to last about one month. Perhaps this is a basic system for many, but I hadn’t thought of it myself and plan to rearrange our storage items in a similar manner as soon as I can.

Presently, I am laid up with a broken leg so am ‘dead in the water’ for working on our storage program. My darling husband is tolerant of my ‘hobby’ but is definitely not one to work on it himself.
I want to remind everyone out there that a broken leg or other calamity can complicate your life very suddenly and not afford you the time to get what you need to survive. Being well prepared beforehand is so basic but it is something that a lot of people do not do, thinking “someday” they’ll get around to it. My well-stocked larder has been such a practical help while I’ve not been able to get out at all to shop.
I thank you for your informative blog and I thank R.D. for this simple but practical storage solution. – M.C. in Arizona