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Economics and Investing:

HPD sent this: Citi, Morgan Stanley look to sidestep bonus caps: report [1]. (Your tax dollars at work.)

HPD also sent: Paul O’Neill: Banks must show U.S. the money [2]

Laura H. mentioned: this WorldNetDaily piece: Montana considers return to gold, silver dollars, Proposed bill slams Fed, allows payments in precious metals [3]

Items from The Economatrix:

Investors Restart Wall Street Rally [4]

GM CEO Says Bankruptcy Would Force Liquidation [5]

Congress Looking at Huge Taxes on AIG Bonuses [6]

Housing Starts Surge, Wholesale Prices Edge Up

Completed Foreclosures Hit New High in February [7]

Corporate Meltdown Leaves Renters in Limbo [8]

US Mint Suspends More Production of Gold and Silver Coins [9]

The FDIC: as Rock Solid as Social Security [10] (Ha!) “The most interesting part of my conversation with the FDIC came when I heard confirmation of my worst fear about where the assets held in the insurance fund are kept: the vast majority of the Deposit Fund’s assets are held in U.S. Treasuries.”

Treasurys are “A Disaster Waiting to Happen” [11]

Dollar Crisis in the Making (Pt. 2): The Not-So-Safe-Haven [12]

Worry Grows Over Insurers as Ratings Slip [13]

Going Great Guns: Handguns and Semiautomatic Sales Increase [14]