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Letter Re: SurvivalBlog is a Money Saver

Mr Rawles:
For some time I was a lurker, reading SurvivalBlog on a more or less regular basis. Eventually I decided I needed to pay for what I was getting. I became a Ten Cent Challenge [1] subscriber. Yesterday, you saved me more than the cost of my subscription with just one tip: I ordered a Foodsaver V2830 and paid just $59.99, postage paid. These originally sold for $169.99. I had wanted one for a long time and put off purchasing it because of the expense. Many thanks! And to the rest of the lurkers out there, it’s time to pay your way! – Randy D. in Maine

JWR Replies: Many thanks for that compliment. A reminder to our readers that Ten Cent Challenge [1] subscriptions are entirely voluntary, and gratefully accepted.

Another way that you can help support the blog is by patronizing our advertisers. The FoodSaver offer is from one of our Affiliate advertisers [2], where we earn a small commission for the purchases that you make when you follow our links. For example, the FoodSaver vacuum sealer that Randy mentioned is a FoodSaver V2830 for $59.99 with free standard shipping, directly FoodSaver.com. Use code L8FAV28 at checkout. [3]