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Odds ‘n Sods:

I spotted a link for a brief video introduction to Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) [1]. Note that the map of near-surface geothermal heating potential [2] coincides with a lot of my recommended retreat areas [3].

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Courtesy of Cheryl, our dose of Gloomage d’ jour: Lehman Tries To Unwind Derivatives Trade [4]Bush Plans To Host World Summit To Discuss Financial Crisis Response [5]NYT: Probe Of Lehman Collapse Escalates [6]Bleak Economic Outlook For Spain [7]Mervyn’s To Close 149 Locations [8]Linen ‘n Things Closing All Remaining Stores [9]Ron Paul: Our Current Monetary System Is Ending [10]Hedge Fund Manager Thanks “Stupid Traders” For Riches [11]Crisis May Make 1929 Look Like a Walk in the Park [12]Is Switzerland The Next Iceland? [13]Week In Which Global Catastrophe Was Averted [13]Banks Hoard Cash As Credit Card Defaults Rise [14]Russia Taps Sovereign Fund To Save Markets [15]Top Wall Street Bankers To Get $70 Billion Pay Deals [16]

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FerFAL (Our correspondent in Argentina) recommended this documentary: What a real financial collapse looks like [17]. (In Spanish, with English subtitles.)