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Letter Re: Advice on Finding a Retreat

Mr. Rawles
Regarding GvO’s letter that was posted on Thursday [1]: I think that “finding a retreat” is not as important as finding people to work with, and while time may be getting short, I still believe the answer is primarily about people, not places.

GvO obviously has skills that would be useful even before the Schumeresque [2] season arrives. So, I can tell you what worked for us.
We found an online group that was devoted to Homesteading, after a year or so when the group decided to have a Meet-N-Greet, we went, and met the founders, and some of the other members. This went on for a few years, and soon we found ourselves being invited to join in other activities. In the end we have become part of a small highly committed yet not strictly organized Meet-N-Greet. I believe that it will be a stable, and functional group due to the fact that we have all spent quite a bit of time getting to really know each other, what we have to offer, and what we need help with.
I found out later that the whole reason the original founder set up the online community, was to find Meet-N-Greet members, so if you can’t find a group like this then as James said, start one. I would recommend that it not be about survival or preparedness, directly, rather some other activity like homesteading, or camping, or whatever else you have an interest in that can naturally extend into a more secure future.

The key is to get involved in group activities, and pull your your share of the weight without getting in the way. Let your character show through your actions, and I believe that you will find what you are looking for–or more precisely it will find you. Thanks James, and Good Luck to GvO. Regards, – Anon.

JWR Replies: As I mentioned in my Finding Like-Minded People in Your Area [3] static web page, networking is the best method to find or form a retreat group. Online discussion forums such as The Mental Militia “Gulching” is one good national venue. But of course all of the usual OPSEC [4] provisos apply. Go slowly and cautiously. Above all, proceed with prayer.