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Book Review: “Surviving A Disaster”, by Tony Nester

We were sent a review copy of “Surviving A Disaster – Evacuation Strategies And Emergency Kits for Staying Alive” [1]. This slim paperback (just 57 pages) is a basic overview and introduction to Getting Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D. [2]) It was written by Tony Nester [3], a wilderness survival teacher in Arizona. Nester has also written the books “Practical Survival” [4] and “Desert Survival” [5].

The book covers Bug Out Bags (BOB [6]s), basic first aid kits, home evacuation gear, water, food, and so forth. It is mainly written about preparedness for evacuation in the case of a short-term natural or man-made disaster, not TEOTWAWKI [7]. However, it does cover ‘minor’ disasters fairly well.



If you’ve been prepared for a decade or more, then you probably don’t need this book. However, if you are new to preparedness, or have friends and relatives that are unprepared, this might be a good starter. It does not have that intimidating ‘survivalist’ look, and starts with the basics.